Virginia Tech

Quantum Computation
Spring 2024

    This is an introductory course in the theory of quantum computing and quantum information. This course covers a range of fundamental topics, including:

    • Crash course on linear algebra and the foundational postulates of quantum information theory
    • Concepts of entanglement and nonlocality
    • Models of Computation: The quantum circuit model, measurement-based quantum computing, The Hamiltonian
    • Essential quantum protocols, such as quantum teleportation and superdense coding
    • Key quantum algorithms like Simon's algorithm, Quantum Fourier Transform, Phase Estimation, Shor's Factoring algorithm, Grover search, and amplitude amplification
    • Quantum error correction
    • Introduction to quantum cryptography
    • If time permits, exploration of quantum advantage, quantum complexity theory, and selected topics in quantum machine learning.
    The primary goal of this course is to provide students with a rigorous foundation for future research and studies in quantum computing and quantum information. Throughout this course, we will also impart an understanding of the current state of the field and its projected trajectory.

Topics in Quantum Computing and Cryptography
Fall 2023

    I have the privilege of instructing CS6104, a cutting-edge course exploring advanced topics in quantum computing and cryptography. This course delves into the theoretical aspects of quantum computing with a strong emphasis on contemporary subjects within quantum complexity theory, quantum cryptography, and quantum information. Our overarching objective is to establish a solid foundation for the emerging research field hybrid quantum cryptography and to comprehensively comprehend some of the most significant developments of recent years. Throughout this course, we will scrutinize the theoretical framework underlying the design of cryptographic primitives resistant to the computational capabilities of quantum computers. Students enrolled in this course will engage in critical academic activities, including in-depth paper readings, the formulation and execution of individual or team-based research projects, and the delivery of presentations on closely related topics. This course provides a distinctive opportunity to dive into the forefront of quantum computing and cryptography research, all the while cultivating essential skills and knowledge crucial for the future.