Atul Mantri

Welcome to my academic homepage!

I am delighted to have recently joined the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech in the role of Assistant Professor. I am also a Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) research fellow.

My research expertise is rooted in the burgeoning field of quantum computation and quantum information, with a specific focus on quantum cryptography. My work involves the application of cryptographic methodologies to construct secure protocols in the quantum domain, as well as the design of classical cryptographic protocols resilient against the computational capabilities of quantum computers. Thus far, my primary research endeavors have centered on delegated quantum computation and multi-party computation.

I am actively seeking dedicated students and postdoctoral researchers to join my research group at Virginia Tech, where we will embark on a collaborative journey to explore the intricacies of quantum computing and cryptography. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me at atulmantri [at] vt [dot] edu.

Mentors and Advisors

I am grateful for the guidance and mentorship I've received from exceptional mentors and advisors throughout my academic journey. During my PhD, I was advised by Professor Joseph Fitzsimons at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. In my postdoctoral years, I had the privilege of working with Professor Elham Kashefi at the University of Edinburgh, and under the mentorship of Professor Yi-Kai Liu, Professor Andrew Childs, and Professor Gorjan Alagic at QuICS, University of Maryland. Their expertise and support have profoundly influenced my research in quantum computation and cryptography.